Firewood Buying Guide – All you need to know about Buying Seasoned Logs

Which size logs should I buy?

Our logs are available to buy online in 2 different sizes; small (6-9 inches) or large (12-14 inches). However, Logs for All can also provide other sizes or quantities on demand.

6–9 inches
(15–23 cm)
12–14 inches
(30–35 cm)
ideal for smaller wood-burning stoves and small fireplaces ideal for larger wood-burning stoves and open fires

Why buy logs from Logs for All?

Logs for All sources its firewood locally from sustainable hardwood in Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Our logs for sale are properly seasoned and fit to burn, with less than 20% moisture content – so the firewood burns longer. They are ideally suited to burning in open fireplaces or wood burning stoves.

Are your logs seasoned?

Yes. All our logs are well seasoned, with less than 20% moisture content. They are supplied to you in optimum condition and “ready to burn”.

When will my logs be delivered?

Logs for All deliver within 3-5 days. However, most people get next day delivery as a matter of course.

How are your logs supplied?

Our logs are supplied in a large 90x90x90cm vented bag that leaves no mess during delivery. These bags can be returned and recycled for sustainability.

Health and safety

Always remember to wash your hands after handling any logs.

What areas are covered in free delivery?

We deliver free to all areas within 18 miles of Garford. See the map above for delivery areas.

Logs for All offer FREE delivery in the following areas of South Oxfordshire (and others – see map above):